We partner with BrightStar Information Technology Services, Inc. to offer Actuate training.  Our Actuate training center is located in Minneapolis, MN. 

Our schedule currently includes the following Actuate and BIRT classes:

Fundamentals of e.Report Design (2-day course)

March 23-24

April 13-14

May 18-19

June 22-23

July 27-28

August 24-25

September 28-29

e.Report Designer Professional (4-day course)

March 23-26

April 13-16

May 18-21

June 22-25

July 27-30

August 24-27

September 28-October 1

Working with BIRT Report Designer (2-day course)

April 6-7

June 8-9

August 10-11

Integrating and Deploying BIRT (3-day course)

April 8-10

June 10-12

August 12-14

Managing the Actuate iServer System (3-day course)

Upon Request

Developing Customized Reports (2-day course)

Upon Request

Actuate Information Delivery API Workshop (2-day course)

Upon Request

Please visit to register for one of these classes or to see a complete listing of courses and locations offered by BrightStar.